"Working with Cosmira was a joy! She showed up early & prepared. What I enjoyed most about this beautiful model was her bright, friendly personality, excellent posing skills & willingness to endure less than perfect conditions to make beautiful art. I look forward to working with her again."

/  Vivid Impressions  /


"I worked with Cosmira today. She is beautiful, professional & highly intelligent. She worked well under direction & added creative value through her modeling techniques. I look forward to our next shoot!"

/  giancarlo_LA  /


"Very fun model to work with, also very interested in the process and likes to work hard to get the shot right. Don't pass up the opportunity to work with her!"

/  Dwayne Martin  /


"Had a great time working with Cosmira here in Washington. Very easy to work with & very personable. Made the session very comfortable & enjoyable."

/  JRStout55  /


"I had the opportunity to work with Cosmira on her recent trip through the Northwest. She was a joy to photograph - totally professional & easy to direct. Always welcome here again & highly recommended if she passes through your area."

/  GWC Images  /


"Cosmira is a wonderful model and a true delight to work with! She made an extra effort to come all the way from Seattle and showed professionalism and dedication, not to mention amazing poses and great makeup and hair skills. I hope she returns to Canada soon to work with her many more times. I highly recommend working with her!!"

/  Tony Oz Photography  /


"Had a great time working together. Cosmically was easy to work with and we got some great shots."

/  JRohrke  /


"It was a true pleasure working with Cosmira this past weekend. A very professional model who was a lot fun to work with. I hope that we will shoot again in the near future!"

/  Chris M Gursky  /


"What a pleasure it was to work with Cosmira! She's a treat, both visually, talent-wise and personality wise as well. Prompt, kept me informed as to her status to shoot. And then the shoot itself! She has a dancer's grace and an understanding of body mechanics and knows how to present the best angles and poses she can offer. Highly recommend working with her, I know I will again!"

/  DaMahl001  /


"What a wonderful model!! Very pleasant and superior modeling skills. Hope to work with her again."

/  dpaphotoartistry  /


"I have been working w Chosmira for about 5 years now and she very easily became my muse. In all the models I've ever worked with, she is definitely one of the best. She comes with the highest recommendations. I know anyone who works with her will say the same!"

/  ProjectsByCEllis  /


"Chosmira showed up looking exactly like she does in pictures and is very easy to work with. I'm glad we worked together. "

/ Kemuel Valdes  /


"Chosmira was a delight to work with, a cross between Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman and willing to explore improvizational moves in posing rather than just giving the camera standard fare. She will be welcome back in my studio."

/  Michael St Rosenberg  /


"Cosmira is a stunning beauty, very comfortable in her own skin, very easy to work with, very reliable. She loves her work, and it shows in her images. You couldn't ask for a better partner in a shoot. I highly recommend her."

/  Photographer1944  /


"Working with Cosmira, it's apparent right away that she's professional & experienced. She posed with ease in a variety of different setups & was enthusiastic about all of visual concepts I threw at her. I had a great time working with her."

/  Jared Lee Steiner  /